Tom Cruise: ‘I’ve never taken a day off’ | stars

Tom Cruise: 'I've never taken a day off' |  stars

“I often get asked what I do on a day off, but honestly, I never actually take a day off. When I’m not filming, I’m free. Then I rest a bit, but basically I’m always on a movie set doing what I like to do best: acting and creating. I am a blessed person, because I have traveled all over the world because of my work. As a result, I have always been able to combine work with pleasure. I live the life of dreams.”

Director Doug Lyman, who worked with Cruise while making the films edge of tomorrow (2014) and American made (2017) agrees that the actor would rather work than take a break. “I lived with Tom temporarily while filming American Made. And when you work with him you work seven days a week. No matter how hard you work, it’s nothing compared to Tom. This guy doesn’t know when to stop and he has boundless energy. He doesn’t know what you mean.” Word of the end of the week, as he continues to progress.”

He continues, “I still remember a time when we worked non-stop for nearly 50 days. I was really tired, but Tom’s birthday fell on the weekend. So I asked him if he wanted to celebrate, maybe with a little party. He replied that his best gift would be a meeting for two. Eight hours around a plane featured in the movie This meeting was actually postponed once, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. He was so serious and in the end we did, because he doesn’t eat cake anyway. He wants to keep fit and only eat healthy, empty products Of fat. So yeah, that’s how we celebrated his birthday.”

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