To Wouter de Vries – Letter from Jan

To Wouter de Vries - Letter from Jan

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Dear Water,

Wilfred Genee revealed last night at the start of ‘VI Today’ that you want to join the show, but not as ‘Peter R. de Vries’ brother.

You have explained to yourself why not.

“I’m also just a person currency he have. I am also an economist. I spent 25 years at the Free University and no one there called me an economist. Until Johan Dirksen called me “chief economist” over the radio. Since then I have become a great economist.”

Since then, you’ve obviously been living on the assumption that Wilfred Jenny didn’t bring you to the show as a regular guest because you’re the brother of Peter R. de Vries; But because you are the Chief Economist, Lauter de Vries.

To be exact: Wouter de Vries Jr.

It’s funny that you consulted the children of Peter R. de Vries about your date with “VI Today”. His daughter Kelly has given you her blessing.

I sent you a text message: “Take that mustache. Peter will be proud of you.”

I just don’t know that last one after your debut.

Anyway, he was going to call you about the many “ah-ha-ha” that came out of your mouth. she was Not just about you, Bielefeldi, which I did, but it was close.

And he might have warned you that talking automatically about the former gunpowder factory your father was a manager of, because a good talk show host might have started grumbling. How would De Telegraaf report the explosions of that factory in the 1980s, in which three Surinamese and a Dutchman were killed, and about dangerous working conditions. Namely: as small as possible.

Sale / Solden 2022Sale / Solden 2022

Furthermore, I may have explained to you that being a fan of a football club does not necessarily mean that you should overlook it as that club. Endangering people’s lives by not applying the rules of corona. The same club that does it Takes most of the corona support For all professional football clubs.

Finally, I don’t know if he would be very pleased with your solution to the scandalous way the Cabinet deals with the victims of gas extraction in Groningen (and with the victims of the allowances case).

I said, “The problem with things like this is that there is a problem and then it gets stuck on all sides and then it has to be resolved. Yeah eh, eh, eh… I think you have to start from scratch. You have to put in some money and you have to say: “Solve now, period.”

Wouter believe me, you are not into the “show opinion” of Wilfried Jenny, Johan Derricksen and Rene van der Geep because you are such a talented speaker.

And not because you have such an amazing vision.

You are really there just because you “Brother of Peter de Vries” she and Peter himself Unfortunately can’t sit there anymore.

This is confirmed by the strange questions Genee and Van der Gijp ask you.

early recovery –Not in his most sympathetic moment– Whether you still think about “it” every now and then.

Van der Geep asked if your brother was “with” between the moment he was shot and his death.

Those were the only moments where the viewer jumped out of his chair because he was curious about your reaction.



Seriously update? Advertise your cousin’s company? It doesn’t get more rude than that.

note. Present. next to the mirror.

PS2. And the Nare Jongens Special (afl. 46) showed up again!

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