To the United States via water and bridge

To the United States via water and bridge

Thousands of immigrants gathered under the bridge of Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas. They cook, do laundry, and wait around the toilets and cardboard boxes. According to the American media, the survivors of poverty and natural disasters in recent years are mainly Haitians. They traveled to the United States via South and Central America. They are only a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border in the first year of President Biden’s inauguration. The majority were sent back with an appeal for corona infection. But this week, a federal judge overturned a law imposed by President Trump that allowed immigrants to cross the border on public health appeals. The Biden administration has been struggling with the large number of immigrants on its southern border since its inception. In fact, Biden is pursuing Trump’s regulatory policies. But he is mainly looking for ways to create a more orderly and more preventive policy from the patchwork of repressive measures. Vice President Kamala Harris is trying to address the root causes of migration from Central America, but it is not going smoothly. Meanwhile, Republican politicians, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, are rushing to Del Rio to label refugees as troubled by Joe Biden.

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