Tipsy Eva Jinek walks in Amsterdam in a bold outfit

Tipsy Eva Jinek walks in Amsterdam in a bold outfit

Eva Jenk posted the revelation in her newsletter on Sunday. Probably to avoid gossip juice channel. The presenter describes the wild night as follows: “It is late and cold, and we are walking along the Zeedijk in Amsterdam with a group of women.”

Bachelor party

The reason for spending the night was at the bachelorette party. “I was wearing a dirndl. You know, one of those southern German Oktoberfest dresses, with an apron and bows and a neckline plunging just enough to surprise me every time I saw myself in the mirror.”

‘I can’t be stopped’

Jinek is enjoying her bachelorette party to the fullest. “Suddenly I’m 23 again and I have no responsibilities or worries, nobody looks at me funny (or just doesn’t look back) and I can’t be stopped.”

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On Instagram, we take a look at Eva’s revealing outfit.

Cruidfat fantasy

The “talk show queen” recently shared another much-discussed photo. This time they are dressed as servants of the Kruidvat. Eva mentioned on her Instagram that she’s had a fantasy of working at Kruidvat for years, especially in a warehouse. It’s not entirely clear where this desire comes from, but the talk show host mentioned that it’s pretty big: “It was born out of necessity, and it dragged me through a lot of live broadcasts.”

Paid image?

In response to the photo, there was a lot of speculation as to whether Jinek was paid for. For example, the photo was discussed on the Today Inside program. The announcer said that these rumors are not true. “Dear ones, for the record: my visit to Cruydefat was exclusive and just for fun,” she wrote on Instagram. She added that she was not paid and there would be no advertising campaign or TV show. Jinek then reiterated that she had fantasized about working at Kruidvat for a long time. β€œIt was purely and simply because it was a long-cherished wish he had and Kruidvat was kind enough to grant that wish.”

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