Tips to Play and Get Paid Instead of Paying to Play as an Artist

Being an artist requires a lot of dedication to even appear on great shows that you get paid to perform. Most artists are asked to pay huge sums of money and forced to sell tickets to appear and perform in a show. To raise such an amount can be difficult, even if you play on sites such as, since winning is not guaranteed, you must look for other means. However, there is still a way you can play in big events and get paid. This article will outline the tips to play and get paid instead of paying to play as a musician.

Network with Artists and Promoters

To achieve your goals as an artist performing on great shows and getting paid, you need to surround yourself with established artists and promoters. Connecting with people also requires some commitment to your work so they can refer you whenever they s a show coming up.Research for musicians with great following and promoters try connecting with them. This can be through collaborations with musicians or after gigs connect with promoters which can help you get a place in your next gigs. You can also send them a friend request on social platforms and market your capabilities.

Build a Strong Following

As an artist, you need to have a good following to get considered for the top gigs and get paid. Building a following requires dedication and understanding of the needs of your followers. A good following is a good way to convince promoters to consider you, especially on international gigs. Most promoters will consider renowned local artists to help increase the ticket sales. You can use the normal procedure, which includes:

  • Start by playing small local gigs
  • Create a local following
  • Create shows locally and start tours
  • Look for a collabo with a renowned artist
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However, not all artists will follow this procedure as it depends on your work and how the public will receive it. Some artists will do a single job, and they hit the market others will have to do many to get known. When making any content, consult on what your followers want. It’s also important to consult with other known and learn from them.

Be a Promoter

If you are tired searching for promoters to help you push your work on big platform, you can choose to become a promoter yourself. However, it would help if you did good research on how the business works. This will involve having great connections with people and knowing how to negotiate on the best terms. You can start by organizing local shows where you don’t have to pay the upfront money. This helps you to connect with local artists. It also gives you an opportunity to build your name, which gives you the gateway to even bigger shows where you get paid. To be a promoter, you need to have a good budget to cater for your upfront cost of an artist, venue, and marketing.


It’s easy to play and get paid. Using the above tips will grant you a chance to get gigs and benefit from them. However, you must do enough marketing for your work. A good marketing strategy will increase your following and map you among top artists.

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