Tiny Island Looking for a King (and Bar Owner): “Think Before You Do It” | a job

Tiny Island Looking for a King (and Bar Owner): "Think Before You Do It" |  a job

A wonderful vacancy on the very small English island of Peel. Those who feel the desire can apply for the position of local pub manager and be immediately ‘crowned’ as king on a 20-hectare plot of land in the northwest of England.

Several English media reported, Like Watchman.

Neighboring Barrow-in-Furness City Council has to find another bar owner after his predecessor closed after 13 years. Those selected (and accepted) for this position will be responsible for running the local pub – The Ship Inn – and managing the island.

On the island there are the ruins of an ancient castle, eight (vacation) houses and a tavern with an adjoining house. From April to September, day travelers sail back and forth, either by their own boat or by ferry line. Moreover, he is calm.

very calm – Based on a report from the local council – To warn the owners of upcoming bars. The island is beautiful and serene, but you have to be able to put up with this overwhelming peace. The views are great, but the weather can also be rough and violent. “It’s not always as dreamy as it seems.”

According to tradition, the owner of the inn can also call himself “King of Bill”. During installation, he/she must sit on an old wooden chair and put on a knight’s helmet, then pour buckets of beer.

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