Tile maker takes measures against stalking, but goes a little further than Apple – tablets and phones – news

After Apple, Tile will also take measures to prevent stalking with trackers of the same name. It will be possible to search for nearby Tiles in the Tile app, but you cannot make an unknown Tile beep, which is possible with an unknown AirTag.

tiles calls Occupation Scan and secure It processes it in the Tile app for iOS and Android. The company asserts that there is no requirement to create a Tile account before using the app to search for unknown Tile trackers. The feature should appear in the app in the coming weeks.

Apple advances in iOS and Detection Tracker-Android app ability to make AirTag strange finder sound, to make it easier to track it. Tile does not offer this functionality: the company simply recommends doing a good search in the area and has a list of potential tile hiding places In his FAQ

The fact that the tiles will only sound at the request of its owner makes it a better stalker than AirTag in this regard. At the same time, a thief will have more difficulty finding a tile in, say, a stolen backpack, which also makes it a better anti-theft tool in this regard.

Finally, Samsung is also a popular brand that makes a tracker: SmartTag. Companion SmartThings app we will a Unknown tag searchfunctionality, but could not be found in the app on the OnePlus 7 Pro that Tweakers tested with, even after creating an account. This is probably because SmartTag only works with Samsung devices. This means that stalking can be fought with SmartTag, but only with Samsung devices. It is also unclear who can sound SmartTag.

Tiles, AirTags and SmartTags aim to help users not lose their belongings. The devices have button cell batteries on board and use Bluetooth signals to announce their presence to nearby smartphones. Their small speakers emit a chirping sound. In addition, Apple uses a file findThe network, which works with iPhones, to make AirTags more discoverable. Samsung uses a file Galaxy search network† Tweakers Books A reunion About bluetooth trackers.

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