March 31, 2023

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TikTok test mode that removes many interface elements when watching content – IT Pro – News

TikTok video app tests a file clear situation With a limited number of users. This mode removes the necessary elements from the interface, so that elements appear less distracting while viewing content on the platform.

Industry Analyst Matt Navarra Posted on Twitter Some screenshots showing the situation. The mode should be less distracting for users, in the form of removing all kinds of annoying items like Captionsbuttons, usernames and audio information. Users participating in the test can activate the mode within the application by pressing their smartphone screen and activate the scan mode in the menu there.

The feature should not only improve your viewing experience but also make sharing screenshots of videos easier. On platforms, users often indicate that they want a fresh upload of a video, without buttons or other annoying elements appearing in the image. In this case, it is more interesting to share a screenshot, for example, a crop of it, because there are no unwanted elements of the content.

TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch It experiences a “distraction-free scrolling experience.” This is a new feature that is currently still available to a limited group of users. TikTok did not want any further explanation. Partly for this reason, it remains unknown if the video app plans to make the mode more widely available, and if so, when.

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