TikTok has yet to expand direct shopping in Europe and the US

TikTok has yet to expand direct shopping in Europe and the US

Social media platform TikTok is reportedly canceling its live shopping program in the US and Europe. The live shopping videos didn’t catch on as expected.

Since late last year, the social media platform has been testing direct shopping in the UK after proving successful in Asia. Nothing could be further from the truth in Europe Financial Times Shopping reports that live streams don’t attract more viewers and don’t lead to more sales. Anonymous sources told the newspaper that some creators involved in previous TikTok Shop projects have been stopped altogether.

After the United Kingdom, there were plans to expand direct shopping to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and later this year the US. Those extensions have now been removed and TikTok wants to focus solely on the British market to successfully transition the concept. Live shopping on the platform will continue in Asia as it bears fruit there.

TikTok is increasingly committed to social commerce. For example, the company wants to open warehouses in the United Kingdom for faster delivery of products. Additionally, it has been testing various store features like in-app sales for some time and has partnered with Shopify.

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