‘Ticket master asks only vaccinated people to come to the office’

'Ticket master asks only vaccinated people to come to the office'

Ticket site Ticketmaster has asked its employees to get vaccinated against the coronavirus if they want to work in the office. This is evidenced by an email sent by the company to all parts of the world, and thus to its Dutch employees as well. that reports NU.nl. The news site has seen the internal mail.

According to the law, companies in the Netherlands are not allowed to require their employees to be vaccinated or request a corona entry ticket. According to NU.nl, Ticketmaster stated in the English-language mail: “We expect everyone who works in our offices to be vaccinated.” Ticketmaster also states in the email that “exceptions must be agreed with your manager under special circumstances, such as a negative test.”

We just encourage her

Ticketmaster Netherlands does not want to comment further on the email, but tells NOS that it does not make vaccination mandatory for employees to come to the office. “We just encourage her.”

However, an anonymous employee says, according to NU.nl, the company is inviting people known to have not been vaccinated with the letter to stay home. “We don’t want to get into individual issues,” Ticketmaster said when asked.

Employers want to be able to verify vaccination

Employers’ organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland announced at the beginning of this month that, in relation to them, employers Should be given a chance To see if their employees have been vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered.

If someone has not been vaccinated or cannot show a negative test result, employers should have the option to have people work from home or offer a test immediately, the organizations say. In their opinion, this is necessary to make the workplace safer.

Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health) previously announced that he would rule out compulsory vaccination in the workplace, but employers may already ask if someone has been vaccinated. “I would say, by all means, ask,” he said, “but I know no one has to answer them.”

At a press conference on September 14, De Jonge went further by saying he wanted to talk to employers and employees about “what is possible.”

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