Three, four F1 races in the United States are possible if the Americans win

Three, four F1 races in the United States are possible if the Americans win

Formula 1 has become a little more popular in the United States in recent years. Liberty Media, the owner of F1, has also confirmed this, so it has added a race in Miami for 2022 to the American Grand Prix in the Circuit of America. For example, there is talk of a third race being held in Las Vegas or Indianapolis in the United States. Off Haas F1 Team There is also an American team in the game Andrei Autosport Is now in talks to take a majority stake in F1 Racing Staple Alfa Romeo. For example, in early 2022 there may be two American teams.

This in turn led to rumors that an American driver might return to Formula 1. If Andrei is really in the early 2022s, IndyCar looks like a winner Colton Herta A leading candidate to win. Then he still needs to get a super license.

More about developments around Alfa Romeo:

But is being active in an American driving sport important for the long-term health of the Circuit of America and the American interest in F1? “I think a successful U.S. driver can keep three or four Grand Prix alive,” said COTA CEO Bobby Epstein. “I’m definitely excited about the chances of another American team. But having an American driver doesn’t create an audience on the stand because we noticed it. [Gene] Hare and [Guenther] Steiner and their comrades have put down the best products. But really, an American champion would do better here.

However, according to Epstein, if an American driver or crew fails and hangs on the back of the grid, the effect will be short-lived. “But I don’t think they will win the game. I do not think they will be satisfied with riding behind. At least I hope so,” Epstein said. He likes the suggestion that Liberty should invest in a training program for American drivers, although he knows the decision will be up to the F1 owner. “In the long run, this can be a risky investment. They need to determine if it’s in the best interests of the shareholders. Most F1 champions started with small engines or co – cards at a young age.

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