Three Dutch media productions win prestigious gold awards

Three Dutch media productions win prestigious gold awards


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Three Dutch media productions won the Gold Award this year. The Golden Roses have been around since 1961 and are among the most prestigious European awards in television, radio and the Internet.

VPro software Necessities Won the Gold Award in the Best Children and Youth Program category. In a program (At the ceremony in London talking heads name of the thing) Children’s hair is cut by hairdresser Marco Sudez, who asks them questions about their lives. The program has been on TV since 2019.

Omroep Brabant spoke to hairstylist Marko Suds in 2019 about his role on the show:

Necessities It was selected from a shortlist of six children’s programmes. Also an episode of Nucleus Nominated and EO Program Hello, I have cancer.

The RTL program won in the reality category traitors. In the program, a group of famous Dutchmen come together to earn silver bars in a game. In each episode a contestant is “killed” by three traitors from the game.

Won in the multimedia category There are limitations from NTR. Under this name, a topic week has been organized on NPO Zapp and YouTube videos have been created where children learn to identify what sexual abuse involves.

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