Thousands of residents who live near Schiphol receive noise compensation

Thousands of residents who live near Schiphol receive noise compensation

Residents of the municipalities of Uithoorn, Haarlemmermeer, Aalsmeer and Amstelveen who lived from November 2017 to October 2019 close to the so-called enforcement point where the noise standard was exceeded are eligible for monetary compensation. They will receive a letter next week and then from May 1st to July 31st they have to apply.

This was stated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in a Public speech.

Keep the anticipation

For years, the ILT has endured exceeding noise standards around Schiphol. Thus, the Inspectorate expected to draw up new rules that were expected to come into force very soon. The regulator has previously warned that such “proactive enforcement” can sometimes be legally weak.

In 2020, nine local residents applied for compensation for reduced enjoyment of life as a result of this tolerance policy. They were proven correct by an independent committee that considered this at the request of the Ministry. Then it was investigated how many other people had to deal with similar circumstances. It turns out that there are about 4,600 addresses.

The compensation amount has already been calculated for all of these titles, based on the degree to which the noise standard is exceeded and the home’s WOZ value. For the majority of victims, the amounts range from 50 to 2,200 euros.

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