Thousands of people flock to a French village to attend an illegal techno party

Thousands of people flock to a French village to attend an illegal techno party
Party goers in Villegongis

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An illegal techno festival involving tens of thousands of people has been taking place in a French village since Ascension Day. The concert attracted 23,000 visitors yesterday and the authorities expect 30,000 people from all over Europe to attend the festival tonight in Viligonges.

Festival organizers started from scratch last week by building the festival on an unused meadow in the French city, more than 250 kilometers south of Paris. They have not applied for a permit. It is what is called “technology”. This type of illegal free party is often organized in remote places in Europe.

According to the Indri district authorities, it is impossible to interfere. “Nothing can be done given the number of people in the party,” an official told the public news channel. France information. “So it’s better to steer things in the right direction.”

The owner of the meadow also says not to turn away the party goers. “It’s impossible, there’s so much,” he told BFMTV. He wants to remove all the cans and other rubbish.

Camps and caravanserais were set up at Villegongis

Several hundred rescuers have been deployed. “The purpose of this is to ensure calm for the residents in the area, the safety of everyone and the health of the participants,” Indri authorities say.

Dozens of people have been fined or arrested. According to France Info, three visitors were seriously injured yesterday. One of them is said to have fallen asleep in the tall grass and was run over by a car, while an injured person is said to have been bitten by a viper.

The party reminds us of the illegal party that was organized earlier this month in a former military site in Belgium. At least 10,000 people attended this party in Sint-Truiden. Seven Dutchmen were arrested for organizing that party.

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