Thomas à Kempisweg disappears in Utrecht and becomes a park. 350 new homes will also be built here | Utrecht

Thomas à Kempisweg disappears in Utrecht and becomes a park.  350 new homes will also be built here |  Utrecht

The old quarter of Thomas à Kempisplantsoen in Utrecht, between Zuilen and Oog in Al, will receive about 350 new homes and a garden of 8000 square metres. Thus Thomas à Kempisweg disappears as a highway. There will also be space for a new condominium and facilities.

Plans to redevelop this part of Utrecht have been around for some time. The mayor’s college and members of the House of Representatives recently set principles for further development. There are currently 178 social rental homes owned by Mitros and Portaal in Thomas à Kempisplantsoen. There is also a residential complex, a billiards café and a driving school.

redevelopment plan From Thomas à Kempisplantsoen it will provide about 170 additional homes in the social sector and medium term rental. Existing homes will also be replaced, resulting in about 350 new homes. In addition, Westelijke Stadsboulevard will run around Thomas à Kempisplantsoen. As a result, Thomas à Kempisweg could be taken out of use as a motorway in favor of a park.

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alternative plan

It was the end of 2017 At the initiative of GroenLinks board member Thijs Weistra That the city council chose a alternative plan From the population, a new alternative. This made it possible for the “residential island” – what Thomas à Kempisplantsoen would now become – to be connected to the Majella neighborhood with a green design. The parties in the Council considered that the residents’ alternative contributes more to shortening the waiting periods for pedestrians and cyclists. According to them, this design makes the road less attractive through traffic.

With this, the local alternative, which was favored by traffic board member Lot van Hooijdonk (GroenLinks), was sent to the trash. Van Hooijdonk said in 2017 that in the domestic variant, the ‘burdens and benefits’ would be better distributed over the entire route.

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