This was Amalia’s summer party

ZO was het zomerfeest van Amalia

Big Party with Friends, Cocktails, and DJs: There has been a lot of speculation about what a summer party at Amalia will look like. The party was held last Saturday and this is what it looked like today…

Amalia already celebrated her birthday in December, but she always dreamed of a big summer party. “Since the age of ten, she has always said: ‘When I turn eighteen, I want to throw a summer party for the first time,'” said King Willem-Alexander during a state visit to Graz.

That party was held last weekend. There has been speculation about a party with hundreds of guests, DJs, and cocktails, but has Amalia’s dream party come true?

“large, informal and private”

The Amalia party was large, informal and private, German Bunte reports. Who she was invited to is still a secret, but at least her sisters Alexia and Aryan, and a number of school friends and cousins, including Eloise Van Orange, won’t miss it.

The party was held here

Although it was suspected that the summer party might be celebrated in a different place, it was decided to hold the party in the garden of Huis ten Bosch Palace, the same place where the Christmas party was held in December.

The park was festively decorated on Saturday and there were large tents and speaker installations on site, Bunte reports. Music provided by DJ. During King’s Day, Amalia and her family set out to DJ duo Lucas & Steve, but it is not known if they were allowed to perform at the party.

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