This presenter is Elfje in The Masked Singer.

This presenter is Elfje in The Masked Singer.

Please note that this article contains spoilers about The masked singer.

In the talk show after the mask, Can be seen in Videoland, dropout Ron Brandsteder not only joins his son Rick to tell about his adventure in the hit show, but also to give a big hint about the other candidates on the show. In the next episode, the last five costumes and viewers will be revealed after the mask They are the first to see Elfje’s dressing room.

Nice, Elfji dressing room. There is a beautiful outfit with amazing details for example. But what according to Superguide What stands out the most is the laptop with its amazing laptop sleeve. Superguide Wild guess: these messages can only refer to Astrid Joosten and its software 2 versus 12. By answering the questions correctly, candidates get a letter by letter and do not know an answer? Then they use a laptop to find the right information. This theory, which refers to mixed characters, may be correct.

In a conversation with Eva Jennick, Carlo and Buddy have already hinted at the participation of famous Dutchmen that you would not expect from them. Will Astrid Justin be one of them?

disguised singer It airs every Friday at 8pm on RTL 4. after the mask It can be seen in Videoland.

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