“This kills Glenys Grace!”

Matthieu vindt iets over Glenda

That someone can sing well says nothing about their character. Or rather her character. I’m talking about Glenys Grace. Now it seems that Holland is tired of the hero of this arrogant talent show. This is why!

Glenys Grace participated in Henny Huisman’s Soundmix Show at the age of sixteen, when her name was still just Glenda Batta. She won, but then worked for years without much success. After more than ten years she was allowed to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a complete failure. Glennis did not pass the playoffs.

Several others would have thrown in the towel, but Glennis continued to believe in her singing talent. It was rewarded. Since participating in Top Singers in 2011, she has finally been able to impress. Nationally, but also internationally, as it was demonstrated during her participation in America’s Got Talent. But on his way to “the top”, it seems that Glennis has veered completely off the right track.

difficult person
The singer, who always hated modesty, impressed him. She is known to be arrogant and always throws in her own glasses. Its management in the United States was also forced to cut ties with Glennis. But according to Glennis, it was not her fault: “In this world, a woman who has her opinion is not very popular. Then they immediately call you a difficult person.”

“Difficult person” is an understatement. Glennis seems frankly unbearable. The low point was the brawl in the neighborhood supermarket. Is Glennis tired of it? It doesn’t look like it, because she was on stage with her son later. They sang together don’t worry about anything. That was supposed to be funny, apparently. Glennis is disappointed now that the deceived supermarket employees don’t want to talk to her, but I understand those employees.

The singer herself pretends on Instagram that she is all tactful: ,, I always say good morning to the first person I meet on the street. Although I don’t know you. I just think that’s neat. Good morning, good evening, good evening: Do you remember what it means, people? Come on!” Does Glennis dare to say that?! After all that’s happened in the past few months?

I’m afraid this Soul Lady has single-handedly ruined the career she had worked so hard for. But the pity is misplaced. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve given up the mic and Glenda Batta is “normal” again. With the massive staff shortage, a career change should be possible. Try it at the supermarket nearby, Glenda!

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