This is why Gregory Porter always wears a hat | show

This is why Gregory Porter always wears a hat |  show

After last night’s jazz singer Gregory Porter in Evening show with Arjen Lubach Visited, and there was a lot of searching on Google. Why does the artist always wear a hat because of his imposing appearance also called the great friend giant?

You can draw it: a 1.96-meter man clean on the hook, in a neat suit, always wearing a hat. A Kangol Summer Spitfire, with some sort of mask underneath that enveloping his face. He once told the British newspaper that Porter and his hood are one of the units he recognizes through the hood Side roads† Laughter “The only time I was not recognized, I took off my hat to swim in the ocean off Ibiza and nobody recognized me.” “I went back to my hotel and restarted it…and there was Gregory Porter.”

It immediately ended with the rest, because fans wanted to be photographed. “But it’s okay because people try to call and take their picture with you. They want to thank you for the joy they have had with my music or my concert. I’m grateful for that.”

He didn’t wear the hat with the idea that it would become his trademark. The side panels hide the scars Porter left from an operation he never talked about. He admitted in 2012: “I’ve had surgery on my skin, so this has been my look for a while and it will be for a while.” Jazz Weekly

Two years ago, tell the British Side roads He started wearing a headscarf because of the scars and also because of the cold. “I was singing at a jazz club in Denver and it was really cold in there. I was wearing five layers of clothes and that hat. It was very comfortable and I thought it would fit me. And people said, ‘Look, that’s the guy in the hat. So it became a thing.'”

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He never went into more detail about his skin surgery, and his administration has reportedly asked reporters not to ask about it in interviews. “It should be less about my heart and more about my heart and feeling,” he said. BBC† “People now know me by this cover, that’s what it is.”

Evening show with Arjen Lubach It was watched by over a million people last night. Gregory Porter will perform tonight at the Ziggo Dome.

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