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At the end of October, Tweakers Partners and Samsung organized a test panel for Samsung QD OLED S95B. Eight sneakers were chosen for this panel: two tested the 65-inch model and six went to work with the 55-inch model. We’ve summarized the test panel’s top findings for you.

Whoever talks about Samsung and TVs in recent years has been talking about QLED models at the same time. With the S95B, the electronics company has been offering high-end OLED TV for a long time. This TV combines quantum dot technology with OLED, in this way it promises you high contrast, more colors, high brightness, and a wide viewing angle.

To check if the Tweakers community is also experiencing this in practice, Tweakers Partners and Samsung have organized a test panel. Eight trainers took the time to put the Samsung QD OLED S95B on the proverbial shelf. As you can expect from the community, this has resulted in quite extensive reviews. Issues such as design, picture and sound quality, and ease of use were touched upon.

No time to read all the reviews extensively, but curious about the test results? Below is a helpful brief video for you, where Mark Wijsman summarizes all of the community’s findings.

TV when it’s off…

When one consumer quickly finds that television is a device that is (too) in, the other becomes excited about having a big, thin screen TV, even when it’s turned off. Therefore, design and build quality are important elements when buying a new TV. Tweakers are positive about this aspect of the Samsung QD OLED S95B.

“Once the base is installed, it stands still and you can see that this TV has a really nice design.”

For example, Etnerdnl believes that the TV has a premium look And it stands firmly in place without shaking. He also loves brushed metal. Tester DePaul emphasizes this because of increasingly thinner screens the gathering It sounds exciting, but with this device it turns out not so bad in practice. “Once the feet are attached, they are very solid…the click system by which the feet are attached to the TV feels solid as well.”

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Tweaker Rubman is one of two community members who tested the 65-inch model. So this model is bigger than that, but “once the foot is attached, it stays stable and you can see that This TV has a really cool design. He laments the lack of a Samsung One Connect box that would lay the whole flat and the cables could be hidden on the wall in a very simple way. A “missed opportunity.”

…and when to run it

“Image quality in a nutshell: great!”

With TV it comes down to picture quality of course, and this aspect is very unanimously positive about this device. “Super short summary: wow!” ApoC Tweaker Reports. According to him, this wow factor is a result of the fact that the S95B is capable of “popping” colors off the screen. He calls color saturation, even at high brightness, “very good” and watching HDR content “party”.

Compuse was very surprised by the contrast. “You just wouldn’t expect to be overwhelmed by such high brightness. Not only are the colors and big differences in contrast on the screen, but also the brightness.” He also got excited while playing: “In a game session on Game Mode (Fast) at 120Hz, there is no noticeable overshoot or ghosting. Pixels retain their value for a very short time, thus the screen eliminates all forms of ghosting. I did notice a little bandwidth at 4K at 120Hz which resulted in a slightly jittery picture. But that doesn’t change the fact that these are still excellent results.”

Rubman notes that the TV delivers a “great picture” that’s very bright and contrast-rich than with the standard settings: “Fortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from and adjust. When you use movie mode, it’s actually more enjoyable to watch and the picture is less bright.”

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What does his voice sound like?

Most users who want to enjoy optimal sound during movies, series and games usually buy a separate soundbar. However, the test panel thinks this device sounds good on average. The VeluwseGiraffe test detects Separate speakers are not necessary at all: “True audio fanatics won’t agree with this, but this TV is perfect for the average living room. It delivers good, deep sound at enough volume to fill a living room.” Thundernerd finds sound Very well He is positively surprised by the crisp detail and good separation between low and high. The pSycho-Y2—which tested a 65-inch model, like automaker Rubman—is a little more critical. He thinks the sound is “good, but overall Somewhat flat. “

Tundernerd thinks the sound is very good and is positively surprised by the crisp detail, and good separation of low and high.

operating comfort (un)

Samsung S95B runs on Tizen OS with Samsung Smarthub and not everyone is excited about it. Etnerdnl finds the main menu cluttered, with very small app icons and far too many ads. Finds the menus and settings arranged less adequately than the competition.

ApoC has mixed feelings about the Tizen OS user experience. According to him, it looks fresh and well-arranged, “but several actions are required to reach the destination in the interface.” He likes that most of the well-known streaming apps are available in the App Store, but it’s cumbersome to have to create an account with Samsung to download the apps.

Opinions about the remote control that came with the TV are very divided. Compuse sums up the pros and cons succinctly: “Great remote control, very compact and lightweight. Despite the radio frequency, it doesn’t work well without a direct line to the TV and the buttons, for example, the volume fluctuate a bit. A nice detail is that it can be charged via USB-C as well as using sunlight/LED light.”

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It should be clear: Our test panel is very impressed with the Samsung QD OLED S95B’s picture quality, which is the most important aspect of the TV.

Conclusion about Samsung QD OLED S95B

It should be clear: Our test panel is very impressed with the Samsung QD OLED S95B’s picture quality, which is the most important aspect of the TV. In particular, contrast, brightness, color reproduction and HDR content reproduction are mentioned positively, the same applies to sound. At the same time, many people will have to tinker with the settings to get everything to their liking, but this can be entrusted to trainers. The interface and driver still need some attention, according to the test board.

Read again, discuss further

Would you like to read all the reviews of this device again, including the reviews of the Tweakers themselves, Then you can do it here. Further discussion of these tests is possible of course in the forum.

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