This is what the new German coalition government wants | Abroad

This is what the new German coalition government wants |  Abroad

The new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is supposed to have promised: “a bonus of 1 billion euros will be allocated to nursing.” Many nurses quit due to high work pressure and relatively low wages. Schulz also wants to raise the minimum wage to twelve euros. “This helps ten million workers,” said the Social Democrat.

wealth tax

The left’s favorite project, the wealth tax on the rich, is off the table. The liberals went for it. To this end, the Strobe Lights Alliance wants to exempt middle and small incomes. Schultz promised that “there will be a basic income for the children, who will have to get out of social assistance.”

He defended twenty million German sheikhs. “Pensions will remain stable.” Lindner, his coalition partner, noted “the fear of inflation,” which has risen to six percent this month.

The FDP was also able to push through for cannabis use to become legal. In the long run, cafes can even be modeled after the Dutch model, with quality controls set by the government. Another major problem is the housing shortage in cities. “There are 400,000 new homes a year, 100,000 of which are publicly owned,” Schultz promised.

Coal-fired power plants

On energy supplies, the Green Right coalition wants to shut down German coal-fired power plants faster. Current Chancellor Merkel (CDU) has called for it to be taken off the grid in 2038. “We want eighty percent of energy sources to be sustainable,” said Robert Habeck, the likely new environment and economics minister. At present, Germany gets forty percent of its energy from wind and hydro power, among other sources.

Emphasis will also be placed on modernizing the civil law. “We will reform the Nationality and Family Law,” the Green Chair, Annalena Barbock, promised. This should increase the integration of foreigners and the rights of unmarried children and parents. “We need to see more opinions from children, students, and young adults, not just adults.”

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