This is what the first Sonos speakers under $250 look like

This is what the first Sonos speakers under $250 look like

The release of the new soundbar from Sonos is approaching in a previously untouched price range. The S36, codenamed Fury, is expected to hit the market on June 7 for $249. That’s about half of the second generation of the beam. This is shown in the number of speakers and other functions that are present.

Chris Welch from the edge, who also showed off previous Sonos speakers before the announcement, saw photos of the speakers and joint performances based on them. Due to the low number of speakers, the dimensions are quite compact, measuring 550 x 69 x 100 mm. Features such as Dolby Atmos support and microphones for voice control have also been removed. The HDMI port also appears to be missing and an audio connection must be established using the optical cable.

In combination with compatible Sonos speakers, Dolby Digital surround sound can be used in a 5.1 setting. Sonos expects a large number of customers to use the new speakers as surround speakers for the premium Sonos Arc. That is why the wall mount bracket is made so that the chafing can be placed not only horizontally but also vertically. This should show the elevation channels better.

Sonos has yet to announce anything about the S36’s speakers. A company spokesperson said there would be no comment on rumors or speculation.

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