“This attack on mother and daughter is the low point of this love-filled B&B” | TV thermometer

"This attack on mother and daughter is the low point of this love-filled B&B" |  TV thermometer

With only one episode left, this season of B&B Full of Love is coming to an end. While I dread spending five hours a week and seven weeks in front of the TV at the beginning of summer (that’s where the sunshine hours went!), I would even miss the bed and breakfast owners with all their bachelors and extra annoyances. Well, except for that horrible voice of Richard and the makeup hug from Martin.

hit the farmer

While many shows in the past few weeks have been shrugging towards an expected end, I have a feeling anything could still happen here! Martijn, for example, just broke a record in Portugal, by telling his sixth guest, Linda, in 1.5 hours that he was in love. But not on her again, not on Fenna. Poor Linda may have stood in line at Schiphol for longer than she did in Portugal. Martijn offers her a night’s stay and breakfast, followed, of course, by a hug. She clearly does not think about this and on the same evening a taxi was at the door.

By the way, before this whole painful disaster, everything was upsetting. When Martijn was standing on Albufeira Boulevard with his beach towel – the party venue where Fenna worked for the summer – I almost feel sorry for him. Fortunately, even before he feels nostalgic for his parents, Fenna tactically drags him to the bar. During the day on the footage, Martijn clearly doesn’t know what he’s going through. Don’t let his parents see it. Then the Dutch waiter mentioned that all the men in this place were after Fina and that she now ended up with some kind of peasant. “I am not a farmer,” is the only thing Martin could say as a farmer with a toothache. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything…

On a special episode of De Cultuur and Mediapodcast, media reporter Kitty Herweger, Telegraaf associate Eva van Riet, and writer Stéphanie Hoogenberk spoke again about this crazy love affair:

all time low

In Spain, Jim Dave finally finds out that Denise isn’t the woman of his dreams after all. And as viewers we just struggle for weeks through that boring spectacle in the gym and all those pointless conversations, it still doesn’t make sense. It’s also clear that Dennis didn’t see that rejection coming and comes back half an hour later. with her mother.

If you think this season is already over – campfire party With Martin! – The mother and daughter attack really surpasses everything. Dennis thinks Dave is fake and he got in for completely different reasons. Her mother looks rude front row He didn’t seem to have any intention of escaping. Dennis obviously can’t stand rejection, because Dave can love and flirt with her, but in the end he finds out that the feeling isn’t there?!

When Dennis finished the attack with the cut-off point, “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed,” Dave the mighty weep. I have to secretly laugh at this whole drama, because when Dennis also gets emotional and sits behind the table at this unrelated reception, suddenly two guests come along. Two guests! I haven’t seen a single guest there in the past few weeks! Who invented this time?!


Fortunately, we still have Amsterdam Sven, who sees his chance to calm her down. Sven did not mention that he did not want to play the second violin. No, my friend, don’t worry. This is what they call a recovery. By the way, it was stopped by women who are very interested in their appearance. So maybe he doesn’t know the makeup phenomenon yet. Because with Denise and her mom’s eyebrows she doesn’t wake up automatically.

Then a cold farewell is held with Natashaga in France. I finally sent Jean home, where he had more attention Wordfeud on his phone instead of grabbing her. Incidentally, Jan the Bang gave exactly the same facial expression when she told Menno a day later, while kayaking, that she thought this was the ‘most amazing experience’. On the other hand, Menno only wanders with a file Big smile Meanwhile we are already talking in the We formula. I wonder more and more how he imagined this match.

nipple piercing

Natasga finally considers if she wants to give Mino a chance and see her nipple holes. While obediently waiting upstairs in his bedroom for his nerve-wracking “test result,” Natas retires with a blanket on the couch. I can’t imagine her flat facial expressions turning into a loving look the next morning. But you never know in this program. Hey, a worse result than last season is definitely not possible. Then Cupid did not reach the mark once. Another episode remains… and then it comes again: the Great Black Hole. Maybe you book a bed and breakfast and still make up for the lost summer hours in the sun.

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