This app makes the notifications on your phone super smart and powerful

This app makes the notifications on your phone super smart and powerful

You receive notifications all day, and then focus on your studies becomes a challenge. BuzzKill is an app that makes notifications smarter and more convenient, and it comes with separate settings for each app. You can do this with her.


Sometimes managing notifications on your phone can be a challenge. Not just because notifications sometimes don’t. or with a delay Entry is possible, but also because there can be a lot of them. BuzzKill It gives you more options to customize the notification behavior of individual apps.

Let’s say you receive several apps quickly in a row, you don’t want your phone to vibrate over and over again. BuzzKill has a solution for that with its “Cooldown” feature for apps that only send you a one-time notification. On the other hand, there is an “alarm” for notifications that must necessarily grab your attention. Your phone will then beep until you turn it off. This feature works with Nest and Ring security systems, among others.


Undo, postpone, and own the rules

There are also notifications that you always want to see first when you scroll down. For example, think of notifications from your agenda or to-do list. You can pin these notifications to the top from now on. There’s also a smart “undo” feature that gives you up to 10 seconds after swiping a notification to undo the action. Do you only want to see notifications from certain apps after work? With Snooze, you can set the times yourself.

BuzzKill, as you can see, includes a whole bunch of useful features that allow you to completely customize your experience with all the major apps. It’s also useful that you can define your own rules for notifications from an app, such as the option to only receive notifications when a certain word is included.


The good thing about this app is that it is very privacy friendly, because the information never leaves your phone and BuzzKill is not available to access the internet. BuzzKill is on sale on the Google Play Store for €2.59, but with that you can unlock all the functions and get an ad-free experience.

Do you already use other apps to better manage your notifications? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

BuzzKill - Notification Super Powers

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