This app also brings Dynamic Island to your iPhone

Dynamic Island app

Do you also want to experience the dynamic island? a iPhone 14 Pro (Max) Buying is one (rather expensive) option, but now there’s also an app that mimics the functionality. Simply put, on your current iPhone. Although we still have some comments on this Dynamic Island app.

iPhone 14 Pro (Max)

Last October, Apple gave us just that Dynamic Island: A bean-shaped bar at the top of your screen Iphone. Your device’s selfie camera and Face ID sensors are hidden in this – which used to be at the bottom of the screen, or in other words in a “notch”. But why is this bar called “The Dynamic Island”?

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Well, this bar is completely interactive. For example, Dynamic Island displays all kinds of information, such as which direction to go and which media is currently playing. Very useful, but there is one drawback: Dynamic Island is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro (Max). All Apple users who have another iPhone should still look at the old notch.

Dynamic Island app

The new Dynamic Island app changes that. DynamicCow – as the app is called – almost exactly mimics the feature on the iPhone it’s installed on. The Dynamic Island is located just below the notch, in the same place as on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). As a result, it seems as if the known degree has been extended, but is suddenly partially usable.

Unfortunately, DynamicCow isn’t perfect, which you’ll notice when you download and install the app. For example, you must first install the Alt Server software to a mac Then use it to install the Mail Plugin utility on your iPhone. Once you do that, you can finally put DynamicCow on your iPhone. So it’s not about going to the App Store.

But that’s not all: the app only supports iOS 16 Up to iOS 16.1.2. the new iOS 16.2 Not compatible (yet). Have you already installed the update or your iPhone can’t go any further iOS 15So you’re out of luck at the moment.


Dynamic Island app

Once it finally gets to work, the app is… disappointing. The degree that almost every iPhone covers is part of the Dynamic Island. As a result, the function is still not fully usable, and some information is not easy to read.

And let’s be honest: the combination of a notch and a dynamic island is simply too much. Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), more of your screen is covered, with an island in the way. To make matters worse comes a screen iPhone 11 Even a permanent red tape.

But worst of all, we are quite skeptical about the app’s security. To install the tool, you also need to enter your Apple ID credentials. Alarm bells start ringing immediately for us. So we can’t call the app recommended – it’s certainly interesting.

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