This adult playground will open its doors in Enschede this weekend | sing it

This adult playground will open its doors in Enschede this weekend |  sing it

VideoENSCHEDE – It’s time: Airpark Bounce Valley will open its doors at Go Planet Parc in Enschede on Saturday at 10am. Fun for the kids? Yes, but it is adults who go to other locations on amazing obstacles and hurdles.

Roxanne Nord

Upon entering, the new hotspot does not appear to be ready for the public yet. Airbags are still flat on the floor, where have the slides and climbing gear gone?

Fortunately, a single click of a button is enough to change that. Less than five minutes later, the entire room was filled with, among other things, a obstacle runAnd wipe off And other things that make a gym visit unnecessary. Add music and lights to illuminate the display and the party can begin.

Bachelor party or friends outing

After Rotterdam and Breda, Enschede is the third city to settle in Bounce Valley, a concept that came from England. Spokesperson Micah Rig can’t wait for the first visitors to arrive for a bachelor party, a friends picnic, or just an hour-long hopping.

“It really is a playground for adults. When you see that people have to back off not jumping, you know the concept works.”

Also useful for those who have had a frustrating day: There are many games to play where hard hitting of buttons is allowed. Oh, and you can also go there on your first date. “If it’s not fun, the park is about 1,000 square metres, so you can always jump on the other side.”

Bounce Valley Enschede © Roxanne Van Nord

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