Things can go fast: seduction stars Joop and Chelsy have already split

Things can go fast: seduction stars Joop and Chelsy have already split

What exactly happened between them is unclear, but seductionThe star is very upset. He writes: “Trust no one who forces openness and does not do it himself. (…) My heart has never kicked so hard. But I understand that if you do not dare to dream where your life is going, this doubt is fatal.

On Instagram, you can see how the former lovebirds enjoyed their beautiful Athena together 24 hours ago, but Joop is now on the road alone. He concluded his speech by saying: “His eyes remained open in front of me.”

In a video on his feed, Joop explains more on Friday. The end of a very beautiful dream seemed for a moment. “What they say is true,” he wrote. “Love is blind.” “Life is hard, there is a lesson to learn from everything and at the end of the day, life doesn’t stop until your heart stops beating.”

Joop says in the post that he still loves Chelsy and asks to be nice to her in the comments. “Give Chelsea the peace, support and love she needs as she makes the life choices that currently prevent her from living her best version.”

Chelsy and Joop shared the happy news on their social media last month. “Finally we can share it!” Chelsea wrote with a picture of the two of them together. I never thought I would find my love this way. (…) We came together like two pieces of a puzzle.” Joop couldn’t contain himself either: “I found the love of my life.”

The two entered as individuals Temptation Island: Love or Leave. Joop seems to be having a great time with Delphine, but this dream date only resulted in a few kisses. Chelsea seemed to be having a good time with Wouter, but that was a short-lived attempt. She also had a nice time with Bert, but she quickly got tired of him. in a temptation love therapy Chelsea previously told her story:

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