Thieves stole two million dimes in Philadelphia

Thieves stole two million dimes in Philadelphia
Inverted dimes containers

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Thieves stole $200,000 in dimes in a merchandise robbery in Philadelphia. The perpetrators broke into the truck that was supposed to take the coins from the city’s mint to the state of Florida.

The driver had collected his precious cargo from the mint in the evening and had gone home to sleep on his long journey south. When he got to his car at 6 am the next day, it was found to be broken.

It is not yet known if the thieves knew it was a cash transfer of $750,000 in dimes. According to the agents, cargo thieves have been targeting trucks frequently in recent times. “Stealed sheep, chickens, televisions, refrigerators, alcohol, you name it.”


However, the hauling of heavy cargo was clearly not without problems: officers found a fortune in coins from overturned containers and spoils lost in the parking lot. The cleaners spent hours collecting all of the 10-cent coins.

Police do not yet know how many people were involved in the robbery and how the coins were taken. Since there are security cameras in the parking lot, more on this will likely become clear soon.

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