Thieves steal Sanne’s sales booth: “All in all, six hundred euros worth of products” | interior

Thieves steal Sanne's sales booth: "All in all, six hundred euros worth of products" |  interior

The name Sanne’s booth in Nieuwesluizerweg in Slootdorp may focus on sunflowers, but it also sells many other products. “Eggs, flour, packed juice, for example. I have two refrigerators with sausage, cheese and chocolate. Everything was taken. Strange. In the past, something was stolen, but that included four blocks of cheese. These products are worth six hundred to seven hundred euros and should I’d have a new door. They didn’t take any money, and I always empty the jar at the end of the day.”


The thieves were smart. The lamp in the kiosk that turns on when there is movement, does not work. The wires were cut. Sunny: “I have camera pictures and have filed a report, but the police can’t do much with it. They advised me to put another camera on the road so the license plates can be taken.”

Earlier this week, Sanne also had uninvited visitors. Then it came to the disappearance of some small bottles of juice. “The camera was turned away so I don’t know who it was.”

“We’re doing everything we can to revamp everything again,” Sanne tells her customers via Facebook. “Fortunately, we still have enough sunflowers to sell.”

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