“They let us down in bullshit.”

"They let us down in bullshit."

The restaurant industry and then he met D’s name Restaurants stay to sit down he met brilliant, Not for sale Stores. Specifically because of the busy Christmas time Stores Stocked in bulk. No one expected such a rapid shutdown, according to a tour of Dutch catering establishments today.

Gilles Harthoorn of the Hotel Restaurant Duinzicht in Schiermonnikoog is angry at the cupboard. “we to sit down he met Huge expense,” he says. We can’t freeze everything, too much is ready for the container. Bringing stock to the food bank is not an option, it’s a little trickier on the island than on the beach.” His hotel and restaurant are fully booked for Christmas. “They let us down on bullshit, it’s a big mess.”

Disappointed by the press conference

Owner Johan de Vos of Breda Restaurant & Café has yet to think about what it is he met Stock will do. “I’m still completely disappointed with last night,” he says. “I encourage everyone to not throw out anything but move the inventory to the food bank. I hope more people will come to get some food, because I have bought a lot. You can’t explain this anymore, everyone has bought a lot for Christmas, everyone is full – and after That’s in advance Announcing the closureThis cannot be.”

Restaurants want ‘replace fridge’

Like Royal Horeca Netherlands De Vos demands compensation for the refrigerator. “That would be neat. But also the shops now stay to sit down he met Their groups, I think they should also be compensated.”

some Restaurants Spring from dancing, like the two-star Sabero restaurant in Roermond. And it closes due to a planned holiday, and, according to the owner Sonya Boris, has not stored much. But most restaurateurs are angry with the government. “These people are so far from reality, it just sets us apart,” de Vos sighs.

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Restaurants angry at cupboard: ‘You let us down on bullshit’

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