These Things You May Not Know About Penalty Shootout | Orange

These Things You May Not Know About Penalty Shootout |  Orange

A penalty shootout between Netherlands and USA today will mean a lot. But these four rules may not be known to many viewers.

1. The order of penalty takers is often assumed to be fixed at the start of the series. But that’s not the case today with Orange vs. America. During the series, even the arbitrator cannot change the order without re-notification.

Substitutions are allowed as long as no player takes a second pin until everyone has had their turn. Goalkeepers also need to take one first, so Andries Nobert and his teammate Matt Turner will also be discussed today. The American goalkeeper is a true penalty killer. Of the 20 penalties he conceded in his career, he saved 9 (save rate 45%).

2. If the penalty taker commits an offense (for example, cheating by standing still after a run-up), the penalty kick will be scored as missed. And the player gets yellow. If both the kicker and the goalkeeper commit a foul at the same time, the penalty kick is also missed and the kicker is shown a yellow card.

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3. If a player is injured before the penalty shoot out or during the match, he does not have to take a penalty kick. But: He cannot be replaced by a teammate. The opponent must bring his team to the same number (so continue one man less).

4. For every penalty kick that does not go in, the VAR will check that it was taken according to the rules. So unfortunately for players, coaches and the public: good but don’t get excited right away because there’s a good chance you’ll come home from a rude awakening.

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