These Samsung devices will get Android 13 before the end of 2022


Of course, we’ve known for a long time Which Samsung phones get the upgrade to Android 13. A separate list of all devices that will move before the end of the year now appears. That list contains one big surprise.

Samsung devices that will get Android 13 before 2023

Every year we make a list of all Samsung phones that will be upgraded to the next version of the Android operating system. We do this months before Samsung itself releases comparable information. This is possible because the update schedule for South Koreans has been highly predictable for years. But that doesn’t mean there are absolutely no surprises.

Our good friends from SamMobile Listen to them, and find out which phones will get Android 13 and One UI 5 this year. In full style, this list is predictable at first sight – but it contains one surprise. Because of course Galaxy S22 And the Galaxy S21 Series already in 2022 major upgrade, as well Galaxy Z Fold 4 And the Galaxy Z Flip 4and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 And the Galaxy Z Flip 3. We wrote it months ago – because it’s so predictable.

Galaxy A53 will get the upgrade early 2022

The big surprise is Galaxy A53. At the beginning of this year, it was Galaxy A52 The A72 upgraded to Android 12 in mid-January, which was noticeably early for a mid-range Galaxy. For the Android 13 upgrade, we only relied on repeating the movements.

Samsung released the Galaxy A53 earlier this year with the promise that the device will receive the same update policy as the Galaxy S22. Indeed, the A53 gets Five years of security patches. These are offered monthly for the first few years. Plus, the device gets four major Android upgrades — and as it turns out, it gets them relatively quickly. This will be the first time a phone in the Galaxy A series has received an Android upgrade in the same year as that year’s top Galaxy S model.

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Of course, plans and schedules can always change. It’s only September after all. Moreover, with these types of expectations, you should always keep in mind that the start date is not necessarily the date when you can install it on your phone. Sometimes an update in one area is rolled out in another place weeks after the start. This happens, for example, if major bugs keep popping up in the new software early in the update process.

What we’re trying to say is: It’s great of course that Samsung will update the Galaxy A53 in 2022. But we’ll also try it out. Especially if the upgrade is only planned for the end of the year, even a slight delay can ensure that it will eventually only be available the following year.

We have already added the new information to our public offer of Which Samsung phone will get Android 13 when. If you want to know more about the improvements that the upgrade brings, you can check out our growing overview New features in One UI 5 Check. or read An early preview of Android 13 on the Galaxy S22.

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