These features drive experts to make iPhone faster

These features drive experts to make iPhone faster

Is your iPhone slow as a snail? And is it not an iOS problem this time? Then it’s time to follow the good advice of tech experts. By turning off two functions, your smartphone becomes nice and fast again.

You might have already tried everything to speed up your iPhone, such as deleting photos and videos, restarting your device, and deleting apps. Nothing seems to help? Then try disabling the following two features.

iPhone faster with these expert tips

Technical expert Komal Fatima She says she finds There are some common causes when it comes to a slow iPhone. For example, the expert points out insufficient storage space, outdated software, excessive background activity by apps, too many installed apps, accumulation of temporary files, and battery capacity degradation.

To make your iPhone faster again, Fatima has disabled two functions. The first of these is a function that provides motion effects and animations. This makes the home screen visually appealing, but can greatly affect battery performance.

If you want to disable this function, go to File institutions on your iPhone and tap Accessibility. Then go to a movement and switch Reduce movement in. You will notice that your battery lasts longer.

Fast charging for iPhone battery
There is nothing more annoying than a dead battery. Photo: OMT

Don’t forget this setting

iPhone downloads a lot of stuff in the background all the time, without you even realizing it. This includes app updates, as well as playlists and other content. Disabling these automatic downloads will greatly improve the speed of your device. This is how you turn it off.

open the institutions on your iPhone and tap app store. under the cup Automatic downloads Can you check the boxes Application downloads, application updates, and in-app content To expand. This way you prevent your device from downloading automatically without it being necessary.

With the iPhone of the future, you can throw in whatever you want

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Apple experts put together two functions to make their iPhone faster

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