These are the two dropouts from The Masked Singer

These are the two dropouts from The Masked Singer

There is a special item in it this week masked singer: To learn more about the characters, they answer questions during a special press conference. For example, we found out that the crocodile has foreign roots.

The crocodile and giraffe begin during the first vocals. Both make a great impression on the committee members. For example, the crocodile sings a Beyoncé song and the giraffe sings in French flawlessly.

In the end, the audience votes to allow the crocodile to advance to the finals and the giraffe has to compete there again during the great singing.

The following characters also do everything they can to get that coveted spot: the shark and the piglet. Committee members are convinced that the shark is Xander de Buisonj√©. “I can tell by his gait,” Gerrard says without a doubt.

During the press conference they discovered that the piglet can sometimes be admired in a magazine. After a swing performance of the character, it’s again up to the audience to let them know who can participate. She’s nervous, but eventually Piglet has to prove himself again in his last lyric. This means that the shark made it to the final.

Time for the last two separate shows: Cupid and Bull. Cupid begins and soon the committee members think he is Jamai. However, this was refuted by the various answers from the character.

The bull makes a great impression on both the audience and the speakers with its voice. But as we know, the audience vote matters and they ultimately chose to let Cupid shine in the final. Taurus will have to fight again.

Then comes the show’s most exciting moment: the losers of the previous three rounds – giraffe, piglet and bull – are vying for last place.

After the dazzling performance, it’s up to the audience to decide who to see next week. Unfortunately, the adventure ends for Piglet and the Bull and the last place in the final is for the giraffe. This means that the losers must reveal themselves.

All the panelists are right about Piglet: no one but Nicolette Kluijver got out of the lawsuit. ‘I’m so sorry,’ replies Nicolette. I’ve come to love Piglet. The bull was correctly guessed by the Buddy and Gerard board. He’s the only Edwin Evers. “It was great to do that,” Edwin said.

One of the interviewees who questioned the characters during private press conferences was our reporter Aran Bade. There he asked the pig for his shirt. You can see that in the video below.

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