These are the license plates that the RDW has banned in the Netherlands

These are the license plates that the RDW has banned in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, you don’t get to choose your own license plate, which makes the cool combination of lettering on your car even more awesome. For example, there is a Porsche 911 GT2 RS with a license plate that begins with the letter “RS” and a Jaguar XFR-S with the letters “XFR” in the license plate. This was a matter of good timing when applying. But no matter how momentarily you choose, you will never register the license plates prohibited below.

At the moment, there are a few more funny records to think of. We are currently in license plate range with side code 10, which means the setting is “X-000-XX”. The funniest thing you can find right now is something like the S-420-BJ. Not really a thigh tarik. But not too long ago, those license plates will be gone and we’ll move to sidecode 11, in order XXX-00-X. And with this, quite a few cute combinations can be formed.

First of all, all vowels have already been removed from the license plate alphabet. So you won’t find license plates like “KAK” or “TOF” anyway (you have to go to Belgium for that). In addition, there are a few words with only consonants, such as GSM or SMS. There are quite a few possible abbreviations, such as PSP (PlayStation Portable), and they are not all equally desirable. This is why RDW has made a list of prohibited license plates.

All license plates are prohibited in the Netherlands

A license plate with the letters GVD may be fun for some drivers, but it’s actually a no-go. Political parties are also prohibited. The full list of prohibited license plate combinations is as follows: GVD, KKK, KVT, LPF, NSB, PKK, PSV, PVV, SGP, TBS, and VVD. SS and SD are also not allowed, not even in a three-letter combination.

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The letters C and Q are also not used because they look a lot like zero. This could cause confusion (or incorrectly paying fines). By the way, the list of banned license plates is not entirely exhaustive when it comes to banning obscenities. For example, there is an Opel Corsa with registration number SH-111-T. The “SH-333-T” license plate is also present. Maybe you can think of something nice for your new series of license plates.

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