These are the coolest IFA 2023 gadgets

These are the coolest IFA 2023 gadgets

The annual IFA exhibition floor is packed with the latest gadgets and we’ve listed the coolest IFA 2023 gadgets for you. From programmable adapters to a TV in your suitcase.

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The coolest IFA 2023 gadgets

IFA in Berlin is the largest trade show for consumer electronics, with many companies showcasing the latest devices. Some of these devices are already on sale, while others will be available soon. In addition, concepts are displayed on the exhibition floor: tools that may one day see the light of day.

There was of course a lot of scope this year for artificial intelligence, especially from Samsung, which is putting the technology in a washing machine and vacuum cleaner, among other things. The Bespoke Jet AI Stick vacuum cleaner costs at least 1,349 euros and you also have to move it manually. Below we list for you really interesting IFA 2023 tools.

TCL 40 NXT Paper

It’s neither e-ink nor a regular screen, but the TCL 40 Nxtpaper has a matte coating that makes it look like you’re looking at paper. This is easier on your eyes. The 90Hz display refreshes smoothly, as you can expect from a modern smartphone. The TCL 40 Nxtpaper will be released this year for 199 euros and the 5G version at 249 euros.

Lenovo Legion Go and glasses

With the Steam Deck from gaming company Valve, a new category of PC has entered the market: the size of the Nintendo Switch but the capabilities of a gaming PC. After ASUS ROG Ally and Logitech G Cloud as alternatives, Lenovo is also joining the Lenovo Legion Go.

The most noticeable thing about this gadget is the Lenovo Legion glasses, with which you can play games on a huge virtual screen while wearing the glasses. This isn’t a cheap joke, because the Lenovo Legion Go will retail later this year for €799, while the Legion Glasses will cost €499.

Lenovo Legion Go – Official Launch Trailer

Robosen Optimus Prime and Bumblebee G1 performance

Robosen robots, inspired by the famous Transformers, can be specially programmed via the app on your smartphone. You can change the position of the robot with your hands, and then it remembers the position. You can perform dances by programming several positions in a row.

Robosen Bumblebee G1 Performance

LG Stanby Mi Go

The LG StanbyMe Go is a TV in a suitcase. You can easily carry the TV anywhere using the handle. You can pull the screen up, and then you can watch a movie or series together, or you can leave the screen flat in the case to play a game on the touchscreen. The built-in battery gives you up to three hours of viewing enjoyment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this bag will be released in Europe at the moment, but in the US you pay around €930 for it.

2023 LG Stanby Mi Go

Withings Scanwatch 2

Scanwatch 2 is a smartwatch with the appearance of a regular watch. This means that most of the screen consists of the actual clock, while a small portion is reserved for displaying your health data.

This small screen only displays shades of gray at low resolution. The big advantage of this is that the battery lasts for at least a month, while the wearable still measures heart rate, steps, sleep quality and skin temperature, among other things. The Scanwatch 2 also has an ECG option. This smart watch is on sale for a starting price of 349.95 euros.

New ScanWatch 2 — a hybrid smartwatch for heart health

Portfolio of Honor V

What if a smartphone could also be a handbag? This concept device from Honor is not just a foldable phone, but can also be worn as a handbag. Naturally, the handles are interchangeable, so that your smartphone will fit better with your clothes.

The always-on display helps too Fashion status To make. This concept has a green edge, because the interchangeable parts should help keep the device fit longer. Vegan leather is also used.

Honor V Wallet |  Future concept phone

Originality of JBL

The new line of smart speakers from JBL stands out first and foremost in its design, with clear retro influences: the 70s with a modern twist. Additionally, it’s unique that both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are installed on the speaker and can work together.

For example, you can turn the alarm on via one voice assistant and turn it off again using the other. The JBL Authentics will be available in three sizes from September 15 at a starting price of €329.99.

Original JBL

More from IFA 2023

During IFA 2023, Sony officially announced the Xperia 5 V and Garmin showed off its Venu 3 and Venu 3S. The Philips Hue Secure surveillance camera also showed itself.

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