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Bitcoin analisten waarschuwen: nieuwe koersanalyse voor komende tijd

Crypto Insiders members receive daily new technical analysis in our Discord environment for Cryptocurrency. In this article, we share a recent analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) from our premium group. If you are not a member yet or if you still have questions after reading this article, take a look at our website Featured Information Page.

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Bitcoin has shown a lot of strength over the past few days. Where the price was still around $20,000 on November 3rd, Bitcoin meanwhile reached $21,500. This was also the level previously expected by Crypto Insiders Bitcoin analysis. In a new analysis from the Premium environment, they report the following:

Meanwhile, Bitcoin perfectly hit the area where we expected this wave to appear. But from here we expect the trend to continue to the downside. Bitcoin appears to be making a larger 12345 Elliott wave pattern, with the third wave bearish.

However, Bitcoin also has room to go up, but we can still expect a dip after that. The price is likely to rise to $25,000 while we maintain our bearish long-term outlook. Only when the price reaches the invalidation level at $25,200 will we be able to perform a new analysis.

If this happens, Bitcoin could be more bullish than expected. If any changes occur, all members of the Premium community will be notified and will immediately receive a new analysis.”

The above BTC analysis was shared with members on November 5, 2022, so it may be out of date. In the Premium environment, all analytics are constantly updated

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