There is so much to amaze you once again that Hong Kong is flying

Er is weer genoeg om u over te verbazen en Hong Kong vliegt

The AEX is just +0.9% after another drop on Wall Street. There, in particular – again – tech and chip companies had to take a step back.

However, first we turn to Hong Kong, where Hang Seng is +6.0% and Hang Seng Tech is even more. Look at Tencent, Prosus might be in a good place today.

This is the reason, but also the rumors that Covid measures are being relaxed.

opening then:

  • European futures opened 0.5% to 0.8% higher
  • The Americans are directly behind it
  • In Asia, everything is also turning green, and even Chinese stock markets are rising sharply in percentage terms.
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -2.2% at 25.3
  • The dollar fell 0.3 percent to 0.9780
  • What’s going on? Gold + 1.1%, Oil + 2.5% and Cryptocurrencies +1.8% to +2.5%

Shhh, quietly. Fixed income is still dormant. Just let it be nice. Enough trouble this year.

Is there another dead cat jump, bear market rally, or any fancy terms we have? AEX (orange) left her head hanging slightly woefully, but neatly, as the bears might see. Our interest confirms.

You can look technical, but also fundamental. And here’s the real and possibly recent news: Earnings expectations are dropping. The AEX is now making 11.4 times the expected profit. With interest rates rising, there appears to be very little upside for the index, but Mr. The market always has a mind of its own.

Last night in the Galapagos Q3 numbers And it’s a little better than the same period last year, but as you can see there’s more:

The company will explain its new strategy today at Investor Day in New York. It can’t hurt, because this is not very concrete and no number can be found.

There is more, especially this that does not go unnoticed in the Belgian press:

Sif recorded lower turnover than expected, but maintains its outlook Q3s. Van Lanchot Kempin Reports Also, like Eurocommercial Properties (over here).

After Wall Street there were still these funds and DoorDash raises expectations. Watch the impact on Just Eat Takeaway.

Starbucks + 2.6%
by dash + 11.4%
GoPro -2.4%
Queen Piece + 4.9%

Today we continue with the salary report in the United States:

and European PMIs. excellent. minimum.

News, tips and short agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closed yesterday.

  • 08:20 Gallery view: Berenberg removes Basic-Fit from sales list
  • 08:08 German factory orders drop
  • AEX is expected to start higher in the run-up to the US jobs report
  • 07:59 European commercial real estate results are on the rise
  • 07:47 Van Lanchot Kempin stays on course
  • 07:43 eBay has sold its stake in Adyen
  • 07:20 A slightly lower score for Sif
  • 07:05 European shares are expected to open higher
  • 06:58 Japan’s service sector is growing a little faster than expected
  • 06:55 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 06:55 Exhibition Agenda: Foreign Funding
  • 06:55 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • November 03 Better than expected results Starbucks
  • November 03 Strong Look DoorDash
  • Nov 03 GoPro suffers from dollar strength
  • November 03, Galapagos aims to accelerate innovation and value creation
  • November 03 Wall Street continues to lose ground
  • November 03 Inventory Update: AEX on Wall Street
  • November 03 Oil price drops
  • November 03 Wall Street Low
  • November 03 Interest rate fears have gripped European stock markets
  • 03 November Euronext is affected by market conditions

AFM reports this shorts:

Then just PostNL:

schedule of work:

07:00 Seif – Third Quarter Numbers
07:30 Van Lanchot Campin – 3rd Quarter Numbers
08:00 Eurocommercial – Third Quarter Numbers
00:00 Galapagos – R&D Update

07:00 Société Générale – Third Quarter Figures (Fra)

02:30 PMI Services – October. (yap)
08:00 Factory Orders – September (Germany)
08:45 Industrial Production – September (France)
09:15 Services PMI – October. (Spa)
09:45 Services PMI – October. (ETA)
09:50 Services PMI – October. (French)
09:55 Services PMI – October. (German)
10:00 Services PMI – October Final. (euro)
11:00 Producer Prices – September (EUR)
13:30 Job growth and unemployment – October (US)
20:00 Consumer Credit – September (US)

Don’t Miss: IEX Analyst Paul Weeteling on Bulls & Bears TV Show

Watching tip: Play an investment talk show this afternoon or Sunday morning Bulls and bears. IEX analyst Paul Weeteling will be a guest there and will discuss, among other things, the outlook for major US technology stocks. Bulls & Bears can be seen on RTL-Z on Friday at 16:30 and on RTL7 on Sunday at 09:59.

then this

Looking back, it wasn’t much fun yesterday:

The stock market is also underperforming:

That Pegatron isn’t a great post anyway:

Fired, you get used to it again? Apple has a freeze on employees and even at Morgan Stanley:

In a week! Elon Musk runs fast. And merciless.

Enjoy and good luck today.

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