There are bad stock market schemes and Carl Icahn turning out the lights?!

Er zijn nare grafieken voorbeurs en Carl Icahn doet het licht uit?!

The AEX is down 0.4% after Wall Street’s decline and especially the dollar’s rally.

The market seems to be moving from fear of interest rates to fear of a recession? That refers, for example, to energy – oil fell sharply yesterday on economic reports and Covid reports from China – but also better defensive against growth and cyclical stocks. See if this continues.

  • European futures open slightly in the positive, just below AEX
  • The United States fell 0.1%.
  • In Asia, Japan and Korea are up, Taiwan is down slightly, but China is in a bad spot. Hong Kong fell 1.8% and Tencent -2.5%
  • The dollar fell 0.1% to 1.0250
  • Gold up 0.2%, Oil recovers 0.2% to 0.4%, Cryptocurrencies run with zero before decimal point, positive or minus

Interest rates rise sharply at the opening. Stocks in this have declined throughout the year, but in recent weeks this aircraft has not always been launched. Whatch out.

First of all, Prosus reported not very flattering numbers in a quarterly update yesterday after the close of trading. below the text. Vivoryon has it too PreparationIMCD is doing another one Obsession And Ebusco reports another one ranking.

And here are the numbers.

If Hang Seng Tech is a canary in a stock coal mine, abstain. -3.9% Things never go wrong again, right? The downtrend seems to be intact to me.

Gamble: For most of us, our home is the biggest investment? Anyway, you want to know this first: -0.5% mom and still +7.8% yoy. Yeah, the big house party is over anyway. And that’s also what the rest of the morning call is about: party over. come with me.

This graph looks bad to owners and good to potential buyers, but if you take a long look, it’s just a ripple. Unfortunately, October isn’t here yet, but you know enough.

Same thing, but he points out that not much happened on a monthly basis either. The market is definitely peaking. How low it might go, especially given the massive pressure on the housing market, is everyone’s question.

Crypto is in bad shape and this is also affecting the listed and specialized brokers on Coinbase Free looting. Results on a daily basis, because that saves a few percentage. Who bought at the top… Scalpers are well below their bitcoin and ethereum highs, which are down about 78% on a daily basis.

Perhaps the regular market is taking on more risk than the prices of the coins themselves, so to speak.

OTHER PHOTO: Last night Zoom, a 2020 Mad Dot Com stock, Q3s And… it got wet again: -6.7% at $74.85. This could be another lower trough today. However, almost all of the gains since the start of 2020 are gone.

And we may now say goodbye to all the bullshit from March 2020 to January 2021.

News, tips and short agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close.

  • 08:18 DSM and Firmenich publish offer note
  • 07:58 AEX may have started slightly higher
  • 07:44 Ebusco receives a new order for 31 buses
  • 07:41 Vivoryon costs soar
  • 07:03 European stock markets are expected to open slightly higher
  • 06:57 Owner occupied home prices are rising again at a slower pace
  • 06:49 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:48 Stock Exchange agenda: foreign funds
  • 06:47 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • November 21 Zoom reports higher-than-expected earnings
  • Stock Market Update November 21: AEX is on Wall Street
  • November 21st Wall Street closed lower
  • The price of oil closed November 21 lower
  • November 21 – Wall Street heads for a lower close
  • November 21: IMCD acquires Parkash DyeChem
  • November 21 Prosus reports sharply lower underlying profit
  • November 21, European stock markets closed lower
  • 21 November Fugro is awarded a naval contract along the US coast

AFM reports this Shorts:

schedule of work:

00:00 Owner Occupied Existing Home Prices – October (Netherlands)
09:00 Lucas Pauls – Ex Earnings
13:00 Baidu – Third Quarter Numbers (Qi)
1:00 PM Best Buy – US third quarter results
16:00 consumer confidence – november vlpg (eur)
10:00 PM HP Inc – US first quarter results

Then this

From -0.4% for the Dow Jones to -1.1% for the Nasdaq 100:


hit yesterday:

One of my predictions for this year was that if it came to a bear market, there would be a lot of dead bodies coming out of the closet. And how. Prefer another one. Blow up the assets in the books for more Parties For constipation:

Something with an up and down side, I’d say:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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