The WMO advisor says heatwaves will continue around the world until August

The WMO advisor says heatwaves will continue around the world until August

“We should expect or at least plan for these extreme heat waves to continue into August,” said WMO heat expert John Nairn. According to him, climate change is not only making heat waves more frequent, but also more intense. In addition, according to him, heat waves spread more over the seasons.

It was already warm in June, and the unusual heat seemed to continue into July. The UN agency said it expects temperatures above 40 degrees in North America, Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean, as the heat wave intensifies this week.

‘long story’

Meteorologist Rainier van den Berg of Boenradar thinks it is “not a crazy statement at all,” he said when asked. “Especially in the United States and China, I expect the heat to continue for a long time. Especially in the United States.”

Van den Berg describes the situation in the American Midwest as “quite extraordinary” and “a very long story”. “They last a very long time. This is because the jet stream high up in the atmosphere is not flowing from east to west, but is suspended in loops. Weather systems can get stuck in these loops and start to heat up. This will really last for another couple of weeks.”

In Europe, the heat will reduce the gas a bit this weekend, the meteorologist says, before rising sharply again. “It was 40 degrees in Rome, but it will be 34 degrees tomorrow. This is quite normal for July. It will still be warm in Turkey and Athens. But after the weekend the heat will return. Italy and the Balkans will be hit hard on Monday and Tuesday with temperatures above 40 degrees. Greece will also feel a new high on Wednesday.”

The Netherlands is subject to change

Next week’s peak, Van den Berg says, is “the third wave in a longer heat wave.” “The heat is always lurking, even with a few cooler days. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more peaks from North Africa and the Sahara in the coming weeks.”

Spain and France temporarily escape from the scorching heat. Just like the Netherlands: “The weather systems here flow smoothly,” says van den Berg. So the next 10 days will be very variable here with rain and also beautiful days.

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