The wife of the former Haitian lawyer said, “After the Govt positive test, he was in a low mood

Claudie Cassand, the wife of Port-au-Prince’s former lawyer, who died of a stab wound to the chest, was “depressed” and was depressed after a trip to the United States after she tested positive for the corona virus (Govit-19).

According to National Police Spokeswoman Ana Jimenez Crucetta, during the investigation, Kassant’s emotional partner went to the United States with his two young children just last week, and when he returned to the country and underwent a PCR test, he presented a depressing picture.

“The same day (Saturday) he took chlorine for the same suicidal purposes, and when it was not available he was locked in the bathroom and injured … Then the wife was able to tell us he had contacted 911. He realized it, but that’s when he got stuck in the bathroom and got injured. Says the Director of Communications of the Law Enforcement Agency.

After questioning Kassant’s wife and three others, a police spokesman says authorities are dealing with the self-inflicted version of the Haitian capital’s former lawyer; By the time 911 units arrived at his home, located in a part of the National District, he was already dead.

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