March 22, 2023

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The Venezuelan opposition has demanded that the regime be serious about vaccination data against COVID-19: “This is all propaganda so far.”

At the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, a man receives his first dose of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V against the corona virus (COVID-19), converted into a mass vaccination center in Caracas, Venezuela, June 5, 2021. REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria

Doctor Julio Castro, the health adviser to the opposition led by Juan Guide, demanded the severity this Sunday with data and statistics provided by Venezuelan government officials and spokesmen on the anticoagulant vaccine. Moment “campaign”.

“Until there is a reliable, transparent and auditable data on vaccine, all government spokespersons’ figures are propaganda. It is time to talk seriously about this,” the director of the Commission of Health Experts wrote on Twitter., Created by the opposition to deal with the epidemic.

He promised that vaccination criteria should be clarified by age, that the method of selection – other than the domestic system – should be the official places for vaccination, the intervals between vaccinations and, in addition, an educational campaign on the process.

He pointed out that although the Russian Spotnik V vaccine and Chinese Verocel – from synoform labs – between 21 and 30 days – between 21 and 30 days, “People should be aware that the second dose does not seem to be delayed by 90 days. Affecting its performance; Other countries are using this strategy to increase coverage. ”

Castro added that because the World Health Organization (WHO) “recommends this to this group,” Verocel is “widely” used in the world over the age of 65, so Venezuela should “take the criteria for improving safety in the elderly, given the lack of Sputnik V”.

Juan Guida
Juan Guida

Although the actual number of vaccines in the country is unknown, the regime has reported the arrival of seven exports of Spotnik V to a total of 930,000 doses, while the drug Verocell received 1,800,000 units in two trips.

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According to Maduro’s executive vice president Telsi Rodriguez on Saturday, sometimes more has to come because – he said – “about 11%” of the population is vaccinated, about 3,300,000, which is not enough for the 2,730,000 we know.

For the remaining 570,000 to complete that allocation, we must add those associated with the second dose of the first recipients before May 15, among them President Nicolas Maduro and other members of the administration, members of parliament, committee members Savistas, a section of accredited diplomats and health workers in Venezuela.

But despite claims by opposition parties and social organizations, these data were never provided by the authorities.

The latest report on the progress of the epidemic, released on Saturday, indicates that 240,714 people have been infected with the virus, of which 221,108 have already recovered. It also confirms the deaths of 2,708 civilians.

Last Friday, Venezuela signed an agreement with Russian pharmaceutical company Xeroform for 10 million epivacorona vaccines, although no arrival date has been announced.

In addition, about 11 million units of the Kovacs organization are pending exports, for which the government settled in April, despite Venezuela’s request to pay $ 18 million under the latest guarantee from the Pan American Health Organization (PAO).

The administrator, who scheduled the mass vaccination for August, then postponed it to September and then to October, now promising that 70% of the population will be vaccinated in December.

After Savista officials gave priority to “national card” holders last weekend, there has been chaos at several vaccination centers across the country in recent days, where large crowds and long lines have been recorded. This apparent – and dangerous – anomaly adds to the lack of transparency about the amount of vaccines available in Venezuela and the question of irregular access to them.

Meeting in the first days of vaccination in Caracas
Meeting in the first days of vaccination in Caracas

In addition to the claims of Juan Qaeda’s interim government and various sections of Venezuelan society, questions from former Savista officials were added.

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Like that Rodrigo head, A fierce critic of Maduro, who served as Venezuela’s finance minister during Hugo Chavez’s government (between 2007 and 2008) and is currently a professor in the Faculty of Economics at Julia University. “We demand that humanitarian principles of equality, human rights and transparency be vaccinated. Vaccination is a safe strategy to reduce mortality and disease. It has not been done, it is all a show. They started the second phase, it is a complete disorder. In addition, it is included The biggest neo-fascist distinction is that you can’t be vaccinated if you don’t have a national card. “, Kaposas denounced in a conversation with Infopa.

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