The US has banned the sale of equipment from Huawei and four Chinese companies

The US has banned the sale of equipment from Huawei and four Chinese companies


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The FCC, the US telecommunications and media regulator, has banned the sale and import of telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei. According to President Biden’s administration, the telecommunications company poses an unacceptable risk to US national security.

The import and sale of equipment from four other Chinese companies has also been banned. It is related to Hikvision and Dahua Technology, which make smart cameras. Telecom group ZTE will now be banned from the US, as will radio systems maker Hytera.

Spy work

Washington has long tried to crack down on Chinese tech companies for fear of spying from the Asian nation. Five Chinese companies have been on the list since last year. Yesterday, the FCC made its decision.

The US has long urged allies not to use Chinese technology in new 5G networks. In countries such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Sweden, the use of Huawei telecommunications devices is prohibited or restricted.

In the Netherlands, Huawei is allowed Don’t cooperate anymore For key parts of the 5G telecom network that China could use to spy on users. Last year In the past it was known that Huawei had free access to KPN’s network and could listen in on all conversations. Huawei denies extracting data from the KPN network.

NOS op 3 previously made a video about the debate about Huawei and 5G:

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