March 30, 2023

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The US border has reopened for Dutch tourists

The US border has reopened for Dutch tourists

Twenty months later he will be able to fly from the Netherlands to the United States again. The US government has reopened its borders to tourists from many countries, including the Netherlands.

U.S. correspondent John Postma was also able to fly back to the Netherlands two years later because the borders were open. “I was able to leave the country, but after that I could not come back. It was a problem. Today that entry restriction has been lifted.” At the airport in Washington it’s not too busy yet. ‘There it was still very quiet and I actually noticed that it was still in old mode.It was empty terminal when we left there.Our own blue KLM plane was less than a quarter full but the crowd was coming because of course everyone Are interested.

Political decision

According to Postma, the opening of borders was primarily a political decision by Americans. It is not entirely clear why the borders are reopening today. “The decision from the US side came months ago. American tourists have been able to return here for a long time. You have seen all sorts of travel reports about tourist destinations in Europe in the American newspapers, while Europeans have nowhere to go. It really depends on the White House, Joe Biden. Thought at random moment. Numbers were neither good nor bad, did not end after a particular meeting or summit. Suddenly it was like that. ‘

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The fact that Europeans can fly back to the United States is certainly good news for airlines. Tourists also make a good contribution to the economy. ‘You really notice it,’ says Postma. ‘During Corona’s low point, it was quiet in New York. Not so anymore, as American tourists also flock there. But you are missing out on international tourists. Usually you always hear someone there speaking Dutch, but now nothing. A quarter or less of the hotels are packed, and most of the international airports are quiet. So there is a lot of pressure from the US to open this.

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Although the Netherlands is currently dark red on the Corona map, Postma does not think the borders will be closed again. ‘If so, those hotel chains are all too annoying, for example. Brussels has also been pushing for this for a long time, so if they change it immediately I think it will be a fight.

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He did not rule out the possibility that in the future only travelers who have already received the booster vaccine would be allowed to enter the country, although that is not yet the case. ‘I think it’s going to be like this for a while, and it’s going to be a little gray soon. Because when do you get fully vaccinated? Now two shots say enough, but that point will come. At this point, the entire United States has not yet been vaccinated, and not everyone has those booster shots. But I think there will come a time when it will become a condition.