The United States will reopen to all those vaccinated in November

De VS gaan in november weer open voor alle gevaccineerden

The United States will reopen to all those vaccinated in November

The United States will open its borders to all foreign visitors in early November, if they are fully vaccinated. The White House announced this on Monday.

Jeff Scients, the corona virus coordinator for President Joe Biden’s administration, said: “Vaccination is the best tool to keep people safe and prevent the virus from spreading.

Elsewhere, such as in Europe, people are now allowed to board a plane that can show a negative PCR test or show that they have immunity (because they had a corona), while Americans draw a line in the sand: only one of the three vaccines is fully vaccinated: Pfizer, Johnson or Modernna , Can enter the country. AstraZeneca’s position is not yet clear; The vaccine has not yet been approved by US authorities. Many people in Europe have been vaccinated.

The United States also maintains a mandatory PCR test for passengers (with negative results) which should not exceed three days. Passengers should be checked as soon as possible before departure to ensure that all conditions are met.

Borders to the United States have been closed to almost all non-Americans since April 2020. The European Union and the United Kingdom re-admitted vaccines from the United States last summer, which were withdrawn earlier this month. The European Union and the United Kingdom are expected to announce another trip to the United States soon.

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