The United States wants to rejoin UNESCO after years of absence

The United States wants to rejoin UNESCO after years of absence

The United States wants to rejoin the UN body UNESCO after nearly six years. The organization, which contributes globally to the development of education, science and culture, announced this on Monday declared. By their return, the US wants to limit China’s influence within UNESCO and write international news agencies based on US officials. UNESCO member states still have to vote on the US’s approval, but that seems like a formality.

The United States withdrew from UNESCO in 2018 along with Israel. The Americans accused the organization of an “anti-Israeli” approach. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO had to undergo a “fundamental cultural change”. The US made the decision when Donald Trump was president, but stopped paying dues in 2011 when Palestine became a full UNESCO member. At that time, Barack Obama was the President of the United States.

The United States has told UNESCO that progress is being made within the organization in “depoliticizing the discussion of the Middle East,” writes the Associated Press. According to the United States, UNESCO also implemented positive reforms, without explaining what these reforms were. Chinese influence within UNESCO plays a role in America’s imminent return. The country will be concerned about China’s voice in artificial intelligence and technology education in the world.

Between 2011 and 2018, the years when the US was a member and stopped making payments, the bill continued to run. As a result, Americans owe UNESCO 600 million dollars (about 560 million euros). The US still wants to pay this amount. For UNESCO, the expected revenue from the United States is a welcome development, as the country has been their biggest funder for years.

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