The United States wants Russia to explain Ukraine’s intentions to the UN

The United States wants Russia to explain Ukraine's intentions to the UN

Although London warns that it is “very possible” [de Russische president Poetin] Washington has said it wants to increase pressure on Moscow in view of the invasion of Ukraine. Civilians are currently engaged in military exercises in various parts of Ukraine to defend themselves in the event of a Russian invasion.

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council was due to discuss more than 100,000 Russian troops stationed near the border with Ukraine. We want the Russians to “explain” why they are doing so, said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN.

In Moscow, Nikolai Badrushev, head of the Russian Security Council, dismissed suggestions that Russia was preparing for an invasion as “absolutely absurd.” We do not want war, we do not want it. ”

In Brussels, NATO warned Europe to diversify its energy resources. “We are concerned about the energy situation in Europe because it shows the impact of dependence on a natural gas supplier,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. The European Union receives one-third of its natural gas from Russia.

In London, Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said there was “nothing off the table” when considering possible sanctions against Russia – including the desire to seize Russian assets in the British capital. He said of Putin: “We think he is considering an invasion of Ukraine.

According to the American Think Tank for Progress Reuters, Reuters reports that there is a problem with British sanctions: “close ties between Russian money and the ruling Conservative Party.” […] , Department of Press and Finance and Real Estate.

There is an ongoing debate in the US Senate on what constitutes tough sanctions. After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, sanctions were imposed, but with little effect. In view of Russia’s actions such as cyber attacks and destabilization efforts in Ukraine, some Republican Congressmen are now calling for sanctions. A White House spokesman said Saturday that any sanctions would primarily target “industrial sectors” in Russia.

The United States is also trying to pull the EU behind tough sanctions, but the EU is still divided. Germany, in particular, emphasizes a ‘cautious’ approach.

In Ukraine, tens of thousands of people have already attended special training classes on an invasion event: from how to survive a war to how to resist as a citizen.

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