The United States seeks the best cooperation possible to detect crypto criminals Crypto Insiders

VS wil betere samenwerking om crypto criminelen op te sporen

If you have seen some action movies, you may think that criminals can easily escape punishment by fleeing to another country. However, the US government is concerned about this when it comes to crimes in the international world Cryptocurrencyஅமெரிக்கா So the US wants to change it so that it will be easier to prosecute crypto criminals in another country.

Crypto is very easy for criminals

The U.S. Department of Justice recently A 58 page report Explains that law enforcement agencies from different countries need to work better together when it comes to digital assets.

According to the latest data, the crime rate in crypto is relatively low. I.e. only 0.15% of all transactions, The market is still mostly named by government agencies. But still it happensIn the crypto worldCoins There is a lot more under the radar.

This is how a theft happened recently $ 90 million in Terra (Luna) Found, The attack had already taken place in October. Although investigators can now see where the money is going, those responsible may have gone missing with the money.

The Ministry of Justice believes it is much easier for offenders. They have clearly moved over time and are taking full advantage of the opportunity to commit crimes in a country.

Skynet for crypto?

The Ministry calls for better cooperation so that research resources are not wasted. This prevents companies from working twice in different countries. This can be prevented by working better together and sharing better data with each other. A kind of Interpol for crypto.

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Probably one of the things you’ll think soon, is that Skynet has something in it. It’s the surveillance network of the Terminator universe, it monitors everything and everyone, it’s not exactly.

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