The United States is resuming flights to Central America …

The United States is resuming flights to Central America ...

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The United States began Friday to deport migrants by air to Central American countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The Department of Homeland Security did not say how many people were involved. Accelerated deportations last took place under the Trump administration, where they became known as “no-dog planes.”

These flights are part of an updated policy to expedite people entering the United States without a visa via Mexico, a tactic used by Republican and democratic governments in the past. Its purpose is to promote illegal immigration. “We make it clear that those who do not qualify to be in the United States will be removed immediately,” the ministry said.

The number of illegal immigrants captured by U.S. authorities near the Mexican border rose 4.5 percent in June, despite predictions that the hot summer climate will subside. The U.S. border attracted a record number of immigrants during the epidemics, after Central America was hit by some powerful storms.

One-third of the illegal immigrants arrested in June were from Mexico, followed by Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Most South American illegal immigrants are from Ecuador and Venezuela.

Children who cross the border without a parent or guardian are allowed to stay in the country by the US government regardless of their immigration status. It was more than 15,000 in June, 8 percent more than in May.

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