The United States is moving towards permanent daylight saving time

The United States is moving towards permanent daylight saving time

On the advice of airlines and broadcasters who need more time for launch, this change will only take effect next November. The move has not yet been approved by the House of Representatives and President Joe Biden.

Since Sunday, most parts of the United States with multiple time zones have returned to daylight saving time. It expires in November.

The debate erupted in the EU a few years ago when the European Commission in Brussels proposed to make winter time permanent. Due to differences of opinion, the plan was shelved.

Which is healthier?

Former Interior Minister Hollande then explored what the consequences of a permanent summer or winter in the Netherlands would be. This shows that a system without changes is better for health. Better for transportation. “In the context of road safety, there are indications that avoiding time change, i.e. maintaining a permanent summer, would be beneficial,” the minister said.

Permanent summer is detrimental to the construction industry, which estimates daylight hours in the morning. According to the minister, energy savings are ‘low’. However, the Netherlands wants to integrate its structure with neighboring Belgium and Germany, but also with Luxembourg and France. Even those countries still do not know what they are going to decide.

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